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Welcome to 'Odlewnictwo Export-Import' W. Kulej

Company was found in 1985 in Wręczyca Wielka near Częstochowa (Poland). MSc ing. Wiesław Kulej is the only owner and managing director.
Company is a private enterprise with one-person management. In December 2002, company was about 100 employees.

At the beginning, company was producing gravity castings from light non-ferrous alloys and decorative castings from copper alloys (lost wax). In 1992 company starts with pressure die casting production mainly from Zn and Al alloys.
Currently produced castings are made on a high pressure die casting machines like Polack, Castmatic, Toshiba, Wotan, Idra and Frech. Castings are made for automotive, electro technical, building and pneumatic industries.

In 1993 company moved to the new seat in Kłobuck and since then we were constantly developing with investment actions like building of vacuum-pressure impregnation line, machining center purchase, area extension etc.
Main activity target still remains - production of pressure die- and gravity-castings from Al, Zn and Cu alloys and - on customers order - production of moulds and trimming tools. Our clients are from Poland and also from abroad (Germany, USA, Great Britain, France and more)

Our company is still improving and modernisating machine park, technologies and improve work conditions. Constant care for quality of our products and ability to adjust production techniques to growing clients demands is confirmed by ISO certificate, which was award to our company in 2000.

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