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ul. Korczaka 46
42-100 Kłobuck
tel. (+48 34) 317 13 18
fax.(+48 34) 317 40 22

Company organization profile

Our company is divided to several cooperating divisions, namely:

- Foundry - making the final product
- Mechanical division - supervising efficiency of machines and production devices
- Cast equipment division - with major task to make new moulds and to assure exploitation efficiency of using moulds
- Finishing division - taking care of finishing works (grinding, filing, inlet systems removal, vibratory grinding etc.)
- Quality control division - supervising castings quality
The whole production process is supervised by the organizational & technical department, while administrative and financial matters are supervised by the sale & economical department. All issues connected with Quality Assurance System are supervised by the director plenipotentiary to quality assurance.

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